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Mohandisin-e-Masud Builders-Engineers

Mohandisin-e-Masud Builders & Engineers (MMB) was established in 1984 with its registered Office in Quetta BALOCHISTAN and with the prime object to serve the Communication Sector by bringing under developed sections of BALOCHISTAN, at per with the developed areas of the country.

Management of M.M.B at the time of its establishment had cognizance that in order to have timely completion of the projects some new ideas and initiatives are to be taken to achieve the stiff goals.

Based on the rich experience (National and International) and its commitment the Management of M.M.B accepted the challenges and in spite of being in infancy stages completed its Projects well within time schedule. Encouraged by the achievements the management of M.M.B took the initiative and introduce the concept of “total Solutions, total delivery” on turn key basis for the first time.

The idea and concept of M.M.B was so much appreciated by the clients that the procurement procedures were altered to accommodate this concept.

The major advantages M.M.B concept of design cum construction “Total Solutions total delivery on turn key basis were:

  1. No design disputes between clients and contractors
  2. On time completion of the project.
  3. All clients’ parameters were accommodated well within the budget with least possible variation in costs.
  4. Improved quality of works
On Going Projects
Construction of hostels and WAPDA/ Engineer's offices in Thore Valley.
MMB Concrete World
Manufacturer of precast concrete products.
MMB Seeking JV Bussiness
  • Bridges, flyover, roads, buildings, irrigation projects
  • Hydro, Solar ,wind power,Biogas projects
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Oil & gass Development projects
  • Introduction of latest technologies in development fields