I feel privileged and honored to be the first Post Graduate M.S (Civil Engineering major in Structures from Polytechnic Institute of New York USA 1974) to enter in the field of construction. Which was predominently run by non professional persons of Pakistan and specially most undeveloped province Balochistan.

MMB began its journey in 1984 from Quetta Balochistan after the demise of Mr Khawaj Masud. The company was formed on partnership basis under the patronage of Mrs Riffat Masud Mother & other two founding partners & bothers Engr Khawaja Daud Masud & Engr Khawaja Saad Masud.

MMB executed its first project i.e DESIGN COM CONSTRUCTION of Dub Bridge with Approach Road and Protection works on Loralai D.G khan Road N-70 within a short period of 6 months and 3 months before time. This achievment was unique in different aspects like completion of bridge project in hard area before time, within cost by the introducing and improvising local new construction methodologies in pilling, concreting, and prestessing. Soon MMB became a legend for carring out quality work and completing projects in time. Later on, during the last 28 years, MMB has progressed leaps and bounds and has created historic achievements in the construction field in Pakistan. MMB is proud to be the pioneer and the trend setter for completing projects of national importance namely construction of Clifton flyover Karachi, construction of Garhi Shahu flyyover Lahore, construction of Whyte Road flyover Quetta, construction of Mangla bridge,construction of road and bridges on N-70 and so on.

In executing projects, MMB is committed to its belief to cultivate the quality work within the shortest time and by modifying the conventional construction technologies.

MMB’s experience of past in diversified fields in bridges, flyover, river training works, protection works, road, buildings, maintenance work, by executing the project in professional manner.

On Going Projects
Construction of hostels and WAPDA/ Engineer's offices in Thore Valley.
MMB Concrete World
Manufacturer of precast concrete products.
MMB Seeking JV Bussiness
  • Bridges, flyover, roads, buildings, irrigation projects
  • Hydro, Solar ,wind power,Biogas projects
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Oil & gass Development projects
  • Introduction of latest technologies in development fields
Areas of Specialization