Introduction of New Technologies in the Field of Construction in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a real economic threat which can endanger the present and future life of more than 180 Million human beings. MMB is well versed and experienced about the prevailing system of implementing the projects in Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the system has been deteriorated to that extent where drastic measures for the improvement of system in implementing the projects is needed. Pakistan being rich with all the resources of raw materials, manpower and machinery needs a simple & transparent directions for building the infrastructure work within shortest time and cost.

MMB has planned to set up a new trend in the field of construction by pooling up the local and foreign resources. MMB will provide all assistance and basic infrastructure to foreign builders/investors to execute the projects which are feasible and have rate of returns within three to four years and profit margin in the range of 50%.

MMB intends to introduce steel structures to reduce overall construction cost of projects and time in the following major infrastucture works.

  • Construct elevated expressway in main cities.
  • Introducing R.C.C and R.C.C pavements.
  • Construct underground pedestrian passages.
  • Construct parking plazas in main cities.

Housing Sector:

  • Introduction of green energy in construction projects.
  • Construct comfortable low cost houses by introducing new system and technology compatible to local environments having main emphasis on energy saving with low maintenance cost.
  • Develop local construction materials to improve quality and reduce the construction and maintenance cost.
  • Construct houses on turnkey basis for oversees Pakistani. Introducing Precast and pre-stressing system technology for speedy completion.
On Going Projects
Construction of hostels and WAPDA/ Engineer's offices in Thore Valley.
MMB Concrete World
Manufacturer of precast concrete products.
MMB Seeking JV Bussiness
  • Bridges, flyover, roads, buildings, irrigation projects
  • Hydro, Solar ,wind power,Biogas projects
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Oil & gass Development projects
  • Introduction of latest technologies in development fields
Areas of Specialization